We use a style of photography known as photojournalism. A style that we’ve adapted for corporate events, weddings, graduations, sports events, and real estate photography. Our goal is to produce photos that help tell a story.

Photojournalism has its roots in war photography and takes its cue from media editorial reporting styles. The focus is more on documenting events as they unfold.

A photojournalist looks for beautiful photo opportunities, creating candid images that flow naturally, and most importantly — tell a story. Why should you consider hiring someone who shoots in this style of photography?  

Photos and Emotion

Most of us are familiar with the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well this is the theory behind photojournalism. A Photojournalist attempts to produce photos that reach into your chest and rip your heart out with emotion.

Great images transcend time and evoke the same emotions years and decades later. Maybe you cried. Maybe you laughed. Either way, an image that makes you feel something is a great photo.

Photojournalism Today

What started out as war photography has gradually worked its way into many other forms of photography including wedding photography, corporate photography events, sports photography, nature photography, and real estate photography.

Photojournalism is realism in its freshest form, direct from nature, captured on film (or digital storage device- lol); it’s creative; it stands the test of time; and it moves and inspires us to see things differently.

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