Pricing Disclosure

  • Our real estate photo packages include homes up to 3,000 square feet in size. For homes over 3,000 square feet, multiply the overage by 10 cents a square foot and add to your package.
  • Bookings by Homeowners will be billed day of service.
  • There is no upfront fee for Real Estate Agents. However, we do require a credit card as part of the booking process.
    • Properties For Sale: real estate agents will receive an email and a text approximately 55 days after the photography has been completed. The agent will choose one of three options:
      • The property has sold. In which case the credit card on file will be billed.
      • The property has not yet sold. In which case the agent “rolls-over” the listing for another 30 day period. The billing process will repeat in another 30 days.
      • The listing has been lost, is no longer under contract, and you (the agent) are no longer representing the sale of the property. The realtor will certify this with an online affidavit (checks an affirmation box). In this case, the agent will not be billed.
    • Properties For Rent: the credit card on file will be charged approximately 25 days after the photography is completed.
  • Licensing — The home owner, realtor or broker are free to use the photographic assets provided by Green Dragon Media in any appropriate medium related to the sale of the property. Green Dragon Media hereby authorizes our real estate clients to use the photography, video and virtual tour assets consistent with typical industry standards.